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What is OFP's Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant (VA)
Certification Program?

OFP’s Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant Certification Program is our premier holistic online training program which not only teaches the fundamental skills to become an Amazon FBA VA but also equips the trainee with knowledge on the freelance business side of things, like professional portfolio optimization and client-getting.

This training program is also our Foundational Program in building our roster of OFP Amazon Champs, our highly-skilled team of Filipino Virtual Assistants managing the businesses of our Amazon Seller clients.
This program is strictly for the Filipino audience only.
This training program is all inclusive and newbie-friendly, making it just right for:

✔️ employees affected by layoffs or pay cuts due to the pandemic and looking for a new source of income

✔️ people who are looking to start freelancing to work from home

✔️ college students who already know the big potential of having a digital freelance career

✔️ generalist Virtual Assistants wanting to master a more specialized niche to increase their rates

✔️ parents who want to have more time with their kids while still earning

✔️ Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) wanting to replace their overseas jobs with a virtual or remote job so they can go back to their beloved home, the Philippines

✔️ anybody who wants the benefits of a work from home career


This training program is one of a kind, containing not just theories but practical and hands-on material with real-world examples to get you on the road to success. You’ll get:

✔️ FULL-PACKED 4 weekends of 40+ hours of LIVE, INTERACTIVE, & FUN CLASSROOM-STYLE ONLINE TRAINING (delivered in Taglish)

✔️ A-Z AMAZON MUST-KNOW TOPICS - click here to see the full curriculum below

✔️ Loads and tons of TIPS & TRICKS - to jumpstart your Amazon FBA VA journey

✔️ REAL-TIME Q&A - ask away and you shall be answered

✔️ TRAINING CERTIFICATE - awarded after complete submission of assignments and must get a Passing Score in the Assessment Exam

✔️ OFP AMAZON FBA CHAMPION BADGE - to show off in your portfolio as proof of your hard work and expert-level Amazon skills

✔️ ONE (1) YEAR ACCESS TO SESSION RECORDINGS - so you can review as much as you need

But it doesn’t stop there. With this training program, you’ll also get these BONUSES:

✔️ Learn how to create your very own Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant Landing Page/Web page - your starting point to showcase your portfolio and skills to potential clients

✔️ Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile - and see potential clients reaching out to you

✔️ Mock interview - so you can practice and be confident with the Client Interview scenario

✔️ Lifetime access to the OFP Amazon Champs Private Support Groups - your ultimate support team so you’re never alone in this journey

✔️ Lifetime access to Upskill and Coaching group sessions - so you’re always updated with Amazon’s latest, plus new skills to add to your portfolio

PLUS! Get a chance to join OFP’s Exclusive Apprenticeship Program**

✔️ our Premium 1-month after-Training Supplementary Program to dip your toes deeper in the Amazon e-Commerce world

✔️ access to premium Amazon Seller tools

✔️ access to a live Seller Central account

✔️ Business Plan creation with Client presentation and defense

✔️ 1-on-1 mentoring/coaching

✔️ inclusion in our OFP Amazon Champs Roster

**Note: This is a paid separate, optional program that you may take after graduating from the 4-Week Amazon FBA VA/Store Manager Certification Program.


Here’s what the latest batch are saying about their experience:

You can check out more of what our satisfied trainees have to say here.

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  • Meet & Greet
  • Setting of Expectations - What To Expect In The 8 LIVE TRAINING Sessions.
  • Intro to Amazon
  • Brief History - Amazon Humble Beginnings
  • Amazon Glossary of Terms
  • Basic Tools Used for any Amazon Support
  • Different Ways to Sell on Amazon
  • Amazon Product Identification Codes
  • Amazon Product IDs (GTIN)
  • Is FNSKU Required and Why Is This Important?
  • What is Product SKU & How To Create One?
  • Private Label
  • Wholesale
  • Retail/Online Arbitrage
  • Understanding Amazon Buy Box Algorithm
  • Hypothetical Scenarios in Winning The BuyBox
  • What is Amazon Seller Central
  • What is Amazon Vendor Central
  • What is FBA [ Fulfillment by Amazon]
  • What is FBM [ Fulfillment by Merchant]
  • Types of Amazon Selling Plans
  • Amazon Seller Account Health Metric 
  • Amazon Best Seller Rank
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Amazon Prime Membership
  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) Program
  • B2B vs. B2C
  • Amazon Acronyms
  • Finding The Profitable Products
  • Guidelines On Product Research
  • 3 Products Trends Categories
  • The Best Product Categories
  • The Worst Product Categories
  • Gated Products Based On Amazon Tos
  • Amazon Support Task/Job Responsibilities
  • Managing Amazon Seller Central
  • Managing Amazon Account Metrics
  • Managing Customer Feedback/Rating
  • Shipping Options [Air, Ocean & Land]
  • Shipping Plan - INCOTERMS
  • What Is The Best Incoterms for Sellers.
  • What is a Freight Forwarder?
  • What is a 3PL Company?
  • How to Search for 3PL in the 48 Continental States in the US
  • What Is The Difference Between Courier & Carrier.
  • How To Respond To Customers/Buyers Messages
  • How To Create Canned Messages/Email Templates Inside Seller Central
  • Managing Feedback/Customer Reviews
  • How To Respond To A Positive Review
  • How To Respond To A Negative Review
  • Product Sourcing
  • Sourcing Techniques
  • Goals To Qualify Suppliers
  • 4 Steps To Identify The Best Quality Suppliers
  • Understanding Profit, Net Profit, Landed Cost
  • Use FBA Profit Calculator Tool
  • Use Of H10 Xray Tool Extension
  • How To Check Patent/Trademark
  • How To Create A Brand Name & Logo Using Canva
  • Understanding the Psychology of Colors For Brand Logo Creation
  • How To Add New Products
  • Optimize Product Content/Listing
  • Listing New Products; Patent/Trademark Check
  • Quality Listing
  • 7 Essential Amazon Images Types To Boost Conversions
  • How To Do Product Listing To Optimize The Sales
  • How To Do Parent/Child Listing Variations
  • How To Check For Trademark And Patent Registry
  • Tips How To Contact Amazon Seller Support
  • How To Process Refund [ Full Or Partial] Inside Seller Central
  • How To Create A Case Inside Seller Central
  • What To Do When Account Got Suspended
  • How To Print Labels For Shipping
  • Inventory Reports
  • Amazon Seller Central Tool Navigation
  • platform
  • Helium 10
  • Jungle Scout
  • Keepa
  • Amazon FBA Calculator
  • Viral Launch
  • A+ Enhance Marketing Content
  • Amazon Sponsored Products Guide
  • What is Amazon PPC & Is it Really Important To Spend?
  • Amazon SEO Terminologies
  • Types Of PPC [Pay-per-click] Campaigns Strategies
  • Define Amazon PPC
  • Understanding Amazon A10 Algorithm
  • How To Do Keyword Research
  • Tools Navigation
  • Helium 10 Cerebro - Reverse ASIN
  • Helium 10 Magnet2
  • Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool
  • Jungle Scout Keyword Scout
  • 3 Campaign Formats Available For Amazon PPC
  • Define & Understand ACOS, TACOS & ROAS
  • Strategies to Lower ACOS
  • How To Optimize Your PPC Campaigns
  • Product Targeting Methods
  • Broad Match Keywords Search
  • Phrase Match Keywords Search
  • Exact Match Keywords Search
  • Amazon Keywords Explained
  • What is Search Volume & Search Volume Trend
  • Understand the Difference Between Organic, Sponsored and Amazon Recommended Keywords
  • Check Top 10 Competitors High Converting Keywords
  • Keyword Tools Navigation: Cerebro, Magnet2, Keyword Tool Dominator, 
  • Learn How To Bid Successfully
  • Walk through on Advertising > Campaign Manager inside of Seller Central
  • How To Run A PPC Campaign Inside Seller Central.
  • Set up both Manual & Automatic Campaigns
  • Set up both Manual Broad and Exact PPC Campaigns
  • Identify Negative Keywords
  • How to Download | Read & Analyze PPC Report
  • Read and Analyze Sales Report inside of Amazon Seller Central
  • How To Manage Inventory
  • Learn & Set-up The Following Promotions:
    • Deals – Flash Deals/7-days/All Deals
    • Buy 1 Take 1
    • Percentage Off Promotion
    • Coupon
  • How To Launch A Product On Amazon
  • Intro To Automate Pricing
  • Tool Navigation Keepa - Checking Price History
  • Understanding Amazon Algorithm
  • How to Read PPC Report
    • Read and Analyze Sales Report inside of Amazon Seller Central
  • How To Make An Online Portfolio & Landing Pages
  • Comparison Between Soft & Hard Skills
  • Optimize Your Fb Page And Linkedin Professional Profile
  • Create A Professional CV Using Canva
  • Create A Cover Letter
  • Define Your Personal Brand
  • Guidelines On How To Create Your Elevator Pitch
  • 10 Steps To Create A Business Proposal To The Amazon Client
  • How To Ace The Interview
  • How To Showcase Your Professional Brand & Portfolio
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