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OFP (Online Freelance Partner) was born in 2016 when husband and wife Archie and Laine embarked on their freelance journey, dreaming of better finances while being able to spend the day with their kids. With this dream, they made it their goal to help fellow Filipinos make a living while working from home.

Today, we at OFP have focused our resources to deep dive into the ins and outs of the thriving eCommerce marketplaces, starting with Amazon. We are doing intensive training to cement the knowledge of our in-house OFP Amazon Champions, to partner with our valued Amazon seller clients to jumpstart and support them in managing their Amazon stores.

We are continuously leveraging our training on other top eCommerce platforms such as, but not limited to, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and Walmart.

Our Mission

To be the best Online Freelance Partner, providing a synergistic relationship and world-class service to our Amazon Sellers and OFP Champs while creating an environment that nurtures our employees and shareholders

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the World's Leading Producer of Filipino Amazon Virtual Professionals setting the standard of high-quality service and be an instrument of success to your Amazon business during this new normal.

Our Culture
We embrace a "LEARN, SHARE and GROW" culture, which helps each member of our team obtain the best knowledge with a support group that treats them like family.

We encourage a fun and dynamic work environment with spontaneous knowledge-sharing and effective communication channels, contributing to developing our OFP Amazon Champs to be the best Amazon Virtual Assistants in the Philippines.

We believe that if we take good care of our team, they will in turn do the same to our clients. The Golden Rule forms our business paradigm for both internal and external relations.
Our Core Values

Customer Centric approach

Customer-focused - We are much more than a service provider, we are your business partner.

Customer Centric approach

Ethical - Maintain high standards of personal and professional ethics.

Customer Centric approach

Excellence - Constantly strive for innovation and go beyond expectations.

Customer Centric approach

Continuous Learning - Thrive in a culture of knowledge-sharing and continuous growth.

Customer Centric approach

Respect - Always show high regard for teammates both professionally and personally.

Customer Centric approach

Joy in Labor - Find fun even in the midst of challenges.

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