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Top 8 Reasons Why It's Essential To Hire A
Virtual Assistant For Your Business

Top 8 Reasons Why It's Essential To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Your Business
Running a business requires much time, effort, and money. But as your business keeps growing, your workload also doubles!

Business owners often drown themselves in tons of work which causes them to be less efficient and unproductive in more critical areas of their business. Such practice can be draining, exhausting, and time-consuming. Doing it alone also does more harm than good. There are things you can’t do all by yourself, and at some point, you might say, ‘’How do I handle all of these tasks?’’ with built-up stress.

As a business owner, do you find yourself in a similar situation? If so, then you probably already realized that you need help. The solution to this kind of situation is to find the right person or team to solidly back you up! It’s no secret anymore—this is where Virtual Assistants come in.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who possess a broad set of skills which they use to provide services and support to clients. Unlike typical employees, they give administrative, technical, or creative assistance to business owners like you from a remote location. They offer a wide range of services for different projects you might be looking for concerning your business.
The outsourcing industry is one of the largest contributors to the global economy, aside from oil and gas. In 2019, the global outsourcing industry amounted to US$92.5 billion, according to Statista. In recent studies, experts see the industry grow by up to US$114 billion by 2025, with Human Resources being one of the lead contributors to this growth.
So what can a virtual assistant do for you, and how will hiring one benefit your business? Here are some of the everyday tasks virtual assistants do for their clients.
What a Virtual Assistant can do for you: Social Media Management, Email Management, Content Creation
What a Virtual Assistant can do for you: Search Engine Optimization, Web Development & Graphic Design, Audio & Video transcription, Market Research, Administrative tasks
Given this information, you’ve most likely sorted out which of these tasks you’re not able to manage properly because:

1. It takes up so much of your time.
2. You don’t know how to navigate websites, apps, or software tools.
3. You lack knowledge in a specific task.

By getting help from a virtual assistant who is exceptionally good in these areas, you can move around and balance your work life, as your VA can take care of these in the most efficient way.

But hiring a Virtual Assistant is a tough decision, especially if you’re running on a tight budget. It could feel like gambling on something you have no clue what the outcome would be.

But with a bit of trust, you just might see a little magic. Do you want to know what the best thing about hiring a VA is?
It has been estimated that hiring a Virtual Assistant over a Full-Time Employee or FTE will save you 78% in operating costs per year.
You read that right! Now we’re getting to the good part.

To feed your curiosity, we’ve listed down the top reasons why you should get yourself a personal Virtual Assistant to help you with your business goals.
1. It saves you time and money

Hiring a virtual assistant can lower operational costs. Virtual assistants are self-employed and provide their workspace, equipment, and utilities by working at their own homes. There are no hidden charges, and you don’t need to pay for training costs, office space, taxes, insurance, and other related expenses.
Virtual Assistants are 3x cheaper than full-time employees and the most affordable Virtual Assistants are from the Philippines!
You only pay for the hours worked or the services your VA does for you. Most virtual assistants have an hourly rate incredibly lower than hiring an employee. Others would offer a bundle of services at an affordable price. You can always negotiate rates and service packages for a good deal. Payments are usually made via PayPal, bank transfers, and other online payment platforms.
According to data compiled by, the Philippines offers one of the most affordable rates when it comes to full-time VAs, at $400 per month. Compare that to the US, where the average VA salary is $4,000 per month, and in Australia, the highest at $5,600 per month. India is also relatively affordable, at $800 per month.
Having a virtual assistant can also give you back the precious time you’ve been losing juggling your business and personal life. Gain back your time by delegating to your VA, especially those tasks you dislike doing. Virtual assistants are professionals and should be able to deliver everything that you need to be done.
At 96.2%, the literacy rate in the Philippines is one of the highest. Based on Global English’s survey of 180,000 global employees, the Philippines came out to be the world’s best when it came to Business English.
2. Reduces your workload and increases productivity

Since you have your area of expertise, you’ll be able to focus on your core tasks. Having a virtual assistant to help you with tasks you can’t handle will increase productivity in both parties. Because they work remotely and solo, there are fewer distractions, unlike working on-site or in an office. You do your thing, and they do theirs.
91% of virtual workers reported feeling more productive when they worked from home. 45% of remote workers get more tasks done in less time.
Virtual workers are reportedly more productive than on-site employees who work 8-12 hours a day. Your VA will be working based on the hours you agree to. VAs are capable of handling their assignments well without wasting paid time.
3. Gain a partner

Virtual assistants aren’t just your “helpers”; they are also your partners. Collaborating with them in your projects will surely scale your business’ growth in the market you’re targeting.

Virtual Assistants are experts who are knowledgeable in their fields. All you need to do is explain your management terms, the desired outcome, and the workload you want them to take over. They already know what to do to make your business thrive.

A VA mostly does work part-time (hourly-based) or project-based. It depends on what you need for your business. Having a VA with knowledge in your industry will significantly propel your business’ growth. More experienced VAs cultivate the “partner” mindset and they would love to help you achieve what you envision for your business.
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4. 24/7 availability and flexibility

Virtual assistants want to manage their own time to be with family and friends and do other personal activities throughout the day. This benefit also applies to you.

You can work on hours you prefer, on chunks of the day when you feel most productive. You’re able to spend more time with family, go on trips, get some relaxation, and many more, while still being in control of your business.
Virtual assistants do not follow rigidly structured work schedules.
Since Virtual Assistants don’t follow strict work schedules, you can assign them to carry on in work hours that are most beneficial to your business.

For example, if you have a busy eCommerce shop, 8-12 hours of customer service accessibility just wouldn’t be enough. Buyers can access your online store globally; you certainly have to have someone 24/7 to attend to your customers’ concerns. There’s no end to how many consumers shop for something and need something from you on the Internet.

So how can you pull off 24/7 customer service access?

Simple! The best way to handle this is to hire virtual assistants who are in a different time zone. The time difference will surely be a big convenience for you and your business. While you’re asleep or on a break, they deal with your clients for you, and they do it professionally. Pretty amazing, right?
5. Boosts your online presence

Virtual assistants have the creativity and capability you need for your business to reach new milestones. Having an online presence is a must-have, especially in today’s time. Because of the pandemic, many more consumers expect a business to have its website or be visible on social media platforms.
Why is an online presence important?
An online presence can help you build an audience, attract potential customers, and allow them to get in touch with you directly. It also helps with building your brand and gaining credibility. Your target audience would want to get to know more about your products or services offered once they find you online.
If you are not tech-savvy, a VA can accomplish various tasks on your behalf with the help of technology.

How do VAs increase your business’s online presence and customer engagement?

Here are some tasks Virtual Assistants can do to help your business flourish online:

  • checking and organizing emails 
  • answering customer inquiries 
  • sharing company news and updates
  • creating promotional campaigns
  • making engaging content like blogs, articles, and videos
  • Search Engine Optimization for your website

Find a VA specializing in these specific areas and your business’s online presence will be set for success!

6. They make up for areas where you lack

Virtual assistants would be able to fill the gaps that may potentially lead to business failure. And surely you don’t want that to happen.

You may have excellent thinking skills, but you’re not able to apply them properly. You could have big ideas about what to use as content, but you don’t know how to write them up to bring them to life.
For every task you don’t like doing, there is a virtual assistant who does like doing it.
This is why it’s essential to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. VAs have valuable tools to make things easier and are devoted to delivering quality service to their client’s satisfaction.
7. Everybody is doing it!

Everybody, meaning your competitors and generally companies all over the globe. Do you think they do it on their own? Absolutely not! There is always a team behind every business’s success. Even big companies need a virtual assistant’s skills to stay ahead of the race.

Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.
When hiring a virtual assistant worldwide, you have access to countless candidates who have the best talents and finest qualifications to fit your business. You just need to choose right!
8. Achieve work and life balance

Productively managing your time and doing your job stress-free is truly a cherry on top of the icing. Having more free time to do all the things you want has a significant impact on your overall well-being. And with a Virtual Assistant on your side, delegating tasks will surely add more power and mileage to your business.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned why it’s essential to have a Virtual Assistant for your business, act now and don’t delay. It could be the wisest decision you’ll ever make for your business.
No need to hunt for a VA on your own—we’ve already done the hiring for you. Call us today and get a team of the best Filipino Virtual Assistants for your Amazon store.
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