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Virtual Assistant Agency vs. Independent VA: Which Is Better?

Virtual Assistant Agency vs. Independent VA: Which Is Better?

Business owners sometimes struggle with decision-making whether to go directly for a Virtual Assistant agency or find an independent VA to lend them a helping hand. Managing a business all by yourself indeed isn’t easy; that’s why it’s even more vital to choose a dependable candidate that can meet your expectations.

Now, for the question ‘’Which of the two options is better?’’ you will get your answer soon.

First, let’s talk about the difference between an Agency VA and an Independent VA.

What is a Virtual Assistant Agency?

Virtual Assistant agencies are firms that provide professional Virtual Assistant services to clients. They also offer training to their teams of Virtual Assistants to sharpen their skills and always be ready for future job opportunities.

Agency Virtual Assistants are individuals who work under a VA agency, while independent VAs are self-employed.

How different are they?

Everything involves time, effort, and budget. To give you an insight, we’ve written down the advantages and disadvantages of working with an agency VA and an independent VA. Both options have pros and cons that can affect your decision.

Pros and Cons

Pros of partnering with a Virtual Assistant Agency


The agency will guide you with whatever you need or want to know. This includes the breakdown of plans, projects, services, and tasks their VAs specialize in, the cost of labor, the flexibility of working hours, processing, etc.

A team of people working on desks in an office setting
Access to qualified and highly skilled assistants

Virtual Assistant agencies are remarkably good at choosing the perfect assistant for you. After consulting with the higher-ups, they select the most suitable VA to help manage your business. This means you have a higher chance of finding someone compatible to work with within a short period.

Backups and Security

In case something goes wrong, the agency can easily fix it for you. If your VA failed to meet your standards and didn’t give you satisfactory results, or sadly not a good fit for you, they can choose another individual to replace the previous one.

Saves Time

Instead of posting ads and doing applicant screening all by yourself, seeking help from a Virtual Assistant agency is much better. You don’t have to deal with the time-consuming hiring process anymore. It serves as a great advantage because you can focus on more important matters while the agency does the selection for you.

Smooth Processing and Transaction

Combining all the good things above, you can expect an agency to make your work so much easier. The agency usually provides a contract that secures both the Virtual Assistant and the client. Rest assured, all parties are protected and safe.
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The Cons

Higher cost

It’s no secret that Virtual Assistant agencies cost more than what you’d pay to an independent contractor, as they have overhead, tools, and training expenses to cover. Still, it should come at a reasonable price, so choose your VA agency wisely.

In situational cases

If you’re entirely new or inexperienced with finding Virtual Assistant agencies online, there’s a possibility that you’d end up making deals with a not-so-credible agency. Some will pair you up with assistants that are only there for the money and deliver mediocre work. This can affect your business in negative ways. But of course, research is the key! Be sure to check all reviews before engaging in an online transaction.

Pros of hiring an Independent VA

Image of two people on a video call via laptop

Control and involvement

There are plenty of VAs that prefer to go solo for various reasons. Sorting out the applicants one by one will let you gain experience and also lets you meet different kinds of people, albeit virtually—unique personalities with amazing skill sets waiting to be discovered. You get to be in charge from the beginning of the hiring process till the end.

Budget-friendly rates

Solo VAs are your go-to’s when you’re running on a tight budget. Unlike VA agencies that charge monthly fixed rates, you and your VA can set a certain price range that is agreeable for both of you. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on labor cost this way.

The Cons

The most common disadvantage of personally hiring an independent VA is that so much time could get wasted. It takes days or even months before finding yourself an assistant that is qualified for the job.

Is it serious? Yes. Your time as a business owner is very precious. It can convert to profit if managed well. If you fail to do your core tasks, you will lose a lot.

There are also cases of VAs disappearing from their clients without proper communication. This could result in another search for a new VA that will take a considerable chunk of your time again. Whereas when partnering with a Virtual Assistant agency, you can get a replacement immediately. 

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Does this help you figure out what you need for your business? We hope so!

So, to answer the question, it all depends on YOU.

Final Thoughts

Whichever method you may use to get yourself a Virtual Assistant will still benefit your business. If you have enough resources to go for an agency, then push forward by all means. If you’re a small business owner on a tight budget, hiring an independent VA might be the answer to your problems. No matter the scale of your budget, you deserve satisfactory services!

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